Hot and cold shower.

This is really hard.

How do I start this Blog?

All i can think of is the title and the remaining content is just blaaaaaank.

My head is starting to hurt. ouch.

Just typing what’s in my head. It’s blogging right? lelz, nope !@%^&*()_)_+

This is nothing but pure agony.


Seriously, let’s start.


I was working for an IT company in Ortigas when we had our company outing held in Camayan Beach Resort beside Ocean Adventure.

Company sponsored! I was on probationary period and my first goal is to last until our company outing and I made it! yey.

Growing up in the province, it is a luxury when I got to take a bath in the SHOWER. We only had rain shower back then dripping from the tin roof of our house.

After the long day at the beach and the long sweaty walks in Ocean Adventure I decided to take a shower on our room. Unfortunately the knob was pointing to the hot temp when I entered. It took me quiet a while before I knew how to make the water come out of the shower head.

48 years later a pull the knob and water poured out of tiny holes but there is one problem. The water is to darn HOT, like hot-spring-first-dip-hot and my-skin-gonna-fall-off hot.

I push the knob back so that less water would drip and the temperature would be lower. It took me forever start showering. When I cant take it anymore, I went out of the shower and asked my Sunbae on how to lower the temperature.

here it goes folks, you turn the knob to the left! That time I had just finished a five year course in a university and passed the licensure exam and I have never felt so dumb in my life! T_T


below are top 10 pictures I’ve got from the trip. Kidding I have search my entire photo gallery and found nothing from the trip must have misplaced it somewhere. 😦








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