Seoul Alanganing Fall 2015 Day 1

It was 18 °C in Incheon when we arrived for the first time in South Korea on September 18, 2015 and the first thing that came to my mind upon exiting the airport was “Wow it is air conditioned even outside!”

IMG_2840Above is the view of Incheon International Airport from above. It was a little dusty and also foggy kind of day.


IMG_2857Left -> Right: Calvin, Blez, Cons, Ericsson, Kenny (Papa Pee), Boyet and Joyie.

This is us  just seconds from coming out of the plane. Oh, be considerate on exiting the plane right away so the passengers of the flight back home would not get delayed.


We took the Limousine Taxi from Incheon to Seoul and it costs us more than 80,000 won, roughly 500 pesos for each one of us. We then proceeded to our hanok  near Insadong where we had our first Korean meal. Sincha mashittda.


20150918_151232Hanok from the outside. Chili plants used in making chili paste are planted along the houses. Hanok is a traditional Korean house where you sleep on the floor. It is also where I first encounter an air purifier – a best friend for those who have regular allergic rhinitis/sinusitis attack like me!


IMG_2867Joyie inside our hanok before the unpacking began.

IMG_2904IMG_2898IMG_2912IMG_2872You will most like see a lot of Joyie and Calvin in this trip as we are preparing for their special day and you’ll see once we reach the Day 3 entry.


IMG_2915Kenny in the Hanok ep.2.0


The busy street of Insadong.

Outside the restaurant in Insadong. Joyie is excited to eat her first korean meal!

Be sure to check the alleys for more restaurant options when you visit Insadong because a lot of them are hidden from the main street.


What is the most Korean food that you can think of? Kimchi is not included as it is “only” a side dish. It’s BIBIMBAP of course!

Here’s my first authentic straight from Seoul bibimbap!


Tip: when eating bibimbap, you put the side dishes and/or paste that you prefer then mix the whole bowl. Don’t make my mistake!  After eating the bibimbap as served I saw an ajumma(middle age women) mixing her bibimbap bowl and I’m like “What have I done???”

We also ordered the below chicken dish for sharing.


Meogja everyone!

The moment we reached Seoul Kenny is like “Whoah there’s a lot of Koreans!” we had a great laugh because of his comment.

After eating we went back to our Hanok to freshen up and took a train to Myeong Dong.

Below is our first train ride. We bought our T-Money, which you can use to pay for a lot of things in Seoul like train, taxi and convenience stores, in 7-11 in insadong and load 20,000 into it. Yes, you will feel rich in South Korea, we’re talking of thousands of won per transaction in here.


You may download thekorail app from play store and iStore for more convenient train travels. It’s really helpful in terms of changing train lines.


Unlike the Philippines, South Korea has built a lot, like really a lot of train lines.

Our second destination is the N Seoul Tower where a lot of koreanovelas where filmed.

IMG_2932First glimpse of N Seoul Tower.

20150918_185159Cable car ticket.

20150918_191256Taken from the cable car on the way up Mt. Namsan.


Random Korean couple as subjects.

IMG_2963N Seoul Tower up close and personal. My 40mm lens can’t take the whole tower in a single picture.

20150918_192211Note 5 to the rescue.


2,625.7 km away from home we took some pictures on top of N Seoul Tower. If my memory served me right it was 20,000 won to go up the tower. For a once in a lifetime experience, I say it’s worth every won.

IMG_2994Love locks at Mt. Namsan. Kenny is probably doing a macro shot taking pictures of the names of the couple who locked their hearts at this place.

We went back to our Hanok and called it a night for we have a long day of exploring the Changdeokgong palace ahead of us.

IMG_3003Korean jars!

I remembered Jewel in the Palace. Kamsahamnida!


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