Seoul Pa-Fall 2015 Day 2 Part 2

There was nothing special about our lunch on day 2. I only had a blurry picture of our food. We ate just outside Changdeokdong palace in one of the restaurants in the alley. Or so I thought, I browsed my note 5 taken pictures and found the somehow decent pictures below.


In Seoul you can ask for additional  side dishes except for the eggs. We tried to ask for some more and they told us that the egg is not refillable.

We then headed to Bukchon Hanok Village, one of the oldest village in Seoul where many traditional korean houses or Hanoks are located. Bukchon is located between Changdeokgong and Gyeongbukdong Palace.


There was a newly opened cafe in front of the entrance of the village so we stopped by there first and bought some drinks. Sweetness level of drinks in Seoul is not as high as it is in the Philippines so don’t be surprised about the taste.

I have no expectations in terms of generosity from Koreans. The store owner however gave us a rice and read bean cake for free which made me surprise and thankful at the same time.



It was 22 degrees Celsius in Seoul and my green tea smoothie is just perfect for the weather. Also, climbing Bukchon is a bit tiring, glad I have recharged my energy.

There’s a souvenir shop on the entrance of the village. I remember buying three pairs of socks from there at 1,200 per pair. You can get the same pair of socks fro only 1,000 won at myeongdong and hongdae area.

The follwoing photos are taken in the ever famous and very busy street of Bukchon Hanok Village.


We scouted the are for a Hanbok or traditional Korean dresses renting area or house and we did not go home empty handed. We saw a sign in the main street about a renting place. This part is also near Insadong so the probability of the finding one is also high.

The fee for the renting the dress is quiet high that is why some of us opted not to rent. The reason for the price can be seen on the quality and cleanness of the dress. I tried a couple and to my dismay, it won’t fit me. I nearly cried when Ajumma  found the size that is right for me.

The catch is the color, peach with blue and red. The vest that I wore somehow manage to highlight my tummy unlike the ones boyet and calvin had. It seems as though I came from a buffet lunch. So this is us in our Hanbok.

The shop owner and her assistant helped us in getting dressed. We paid 20,000 won for the dress rental and with it you can use the place and the props for pictorial. We got the place to ourselves as it is late in the afternoon already so we took pictures to our hearts content and head back to the Hanok we stayed in last night.

While roaming the area we saw one familiar tea house.


Yep! Gong Cha is in Korea. While ordering we tried our best to tell the cashier what we want but ended up pointing to the menu as they don’t speak English. There’s a language that every milk tea lover knows and language barrier will not be the hindrance that could stop it.

While roaming around the area here are some of the things that interest me.

Staying in a Hanok for the rest of our trip would really be expensive so we booked an airbnb where all of us can share and live cheaper. We only stayed in Hanok for the experience and it’s worth it and all but it’s just plain impractical for us.

We transferred from Insadong to dangsan to our Airbnb. The host sent Joyie the details as well as the password for the condo unit.

The picture int he left is a manhole cover and the picture on the right is our view from the window of our unit.

After settling in inside the place we then again head out to our next destination which is Hongdae. The area in front of Hongik University is very alive during the night as students hold dance and song performances in the streets.

I also had my cheapest dinner in korea for only 2000 won of spicy rice cake from the street. I didn’t have a picture of the spicy rice cake as I was busy blowing my mouth while eating so here’s a picture of an odeng or fish cake. You may have seen this delicacy being eaten in a lot of Kdramas.


We scoured the area as it also shopping district and bought our initial set of “pasalubong”. A BB cream from The Face Shop was bought by me for my officemate.  The thing I remembered the most about Hongdae is the song that one group sang during our stint there, the song lost stars.

Our day 2 is where our busy days began. We went to a lot of place and did a lot of things. The last set of images is us, discovering Hongdae.


I remember bumping into someone at Hongdae and panicking about what to say. I end up facing into his direction, eyes fixed to the ground bowed slightly and said sorry, not sure if he understood it or not but we just go our separate ways after that.

Before going Korea learn some formal language for greetings Annhyeong haseyo, or thank you Kamsahamnia.  For me the most important is the Korean word sorry which is Juesong Hamnida.

Thank you for spending time in reading this entry. Day 3 is coming up.



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